Privacy statement

Your privacy is yours, and it should stay that way. The fact that you read this page already indicates that you consider privacy as important as we do. We’re not just saying that we consider your privacy important; we also act on those beliefs. That is why we will never save your personal information without your explicit consent. We will also never share your information with any other organizations without your active permission. Zo!

Saving your information

The information you have shared with us when you registered with will never be made available to third parties.

Analysis programs uses software to measure and track general visitor data. For instance, this will give us more insights into which subjects are read frequently and which are not. That knowledge will enable us to improve the platform. Before your visit is registered in a metrics system (such as Google Analytics), your information will be anonymized. That will make it impossible for third parties to filter your visit out of all the platform visitors.

Personal statistics

We use your click behavior on the site to provide you with better information about Semco Style. That makes it possible to serve you better when you use the site, avoiding burdening you with information that you have already read.

What do we know about you?

If you’d like, you can always ask us what we do know about you. We would be happy to tell you. For example, we might know your screen resolution, your operating system, or which parts of the site you have already visited. If you have a My Semco account, we can link this information to your personal account. If you use the platform without an account, all of this information will be completely anonymized.


We may change this privacy statement. If we will, we will of course notify you the next time you log in.