Our partners

Semco Style Institute is working together with several partners to further develop Ricardo Semler’s ideas, to provide a scientific foundation for them and to offer them to the marketplace. Below is an overview of our current partnerships. Are you interested in working together with us? Contact us for a chat about becoming a partner here.


Progressional People

Progressional People is a Dutch partner for the sustainable organizational development in healthcare. We view organizations as living systems in which people are naturally development oriented, motivated and self-organizing if they are allowed to work in favorable circumstances. We are professionals who work with individuals, teams and organizations to stimulate them to become (part of) organic, living systems. More information at www.progressionalpeople.nl (website in Dutch). Progressional People is a label by FWG (Functional Rating Healthcare in the Netherlands).

Under its label Semco Style Healthcare, Progressional People regularly organizes inspirational sessions and trainings. Click to view a complete overview of planned activities.



Dyade is the largest Dutch service provider in education and supports educational institutions with their financial, human resources and operational management. This allows the school leadership to give more attention to the learning culture, to teachers, parents, student results and learning resources. This is important for a good school, good teachers and good education.

As part of the collaboration with Semco Style Institute, the Dyade Academy organizes various courses that teach school leaders how to effectuate change in their organizations, give people the space to achieve optimal performance and increase the autonomy and well-being of employees. In addition, a number of Dyade advisors have been trained as Semco Style Certified Consultant to assist educational organizations in the realization of self-management and democratic organization.

Read more information about Dyade's Master Program Semco Style for Education (in Dutch).