Make Work Splendid Event

Are you ready to transform your company into an agile, resilient and people-centric organization? Join our one-day program to learn all about democratic management, team transitions and how to manoeuvre change. We will show you the positive effects this can have on your employee engagement and how it will increase your performance. Expect a mix of inspiration, theory, best practices, and above all, highly energetic sessions with impact. You will experience self-management in action and explore how it can help you create fully engaged and entrepreneurial teams.



Welcome & coffee


Splendid kick-off bij IBC


Vision on New Work by XING


First introduction in the Semco Style Roadmap & Principles


Coffee break


Unleash the talent within your teams by Human Insight's AEM-Cube


Lunch break


Design your own roadmap and define your first steps towards people-centric management


Workshops of choice| Round 1
You may choose one of the following workshops*:

  • Always change a winning team
  • Taking YOU & ME forward
  • Build on trust
  • Solving wicked problems with Semco Style


Coffee break


Workshops of choice| Round 2
You may choose one of the following workshops*:

  • Always change a winning team
  • Taking YOU & ME forward
  • Build on trust
  • Solving wicked problems with Semco Style


The final! Feedback, lessons learned & take-away's


Relax, reflect and network on the rooftop terrace


Workshop 1 |Always change a winning team
It's not the company that build great things, it's the people behind them! Change is happening at a rapid pace and companies have to adapt or cease to exist. So what can we do to manoeuvre change and how lead and guide people to deal with this change? Join us for our Always change a winning team workshop. Powered by Human Insight

Workshop 2 |Taking YOU & ME forward
One round table, two moderators & YOU. Our focus is the development process of your company, the need to change and the lifespan of the organisation. Within this context we want to discuss how your teams operate, your awareness of the necessary team-diversity and team-transformation. An interactive meeting with practical experiences, advice and questions at the round table… from you and with you.
Powered by: ibc AG Thomas Pfeiffer (Managing Partner) & Cargo Partner GmbH Jan Hinnerk Block (Director Human Resources ) & YOU

Workshop 3 |Build on trust
Let’s do the math - In organizations with high levels of trust, it’s 32 times more likely that their employees are willing to take responsible risks. That, in turn, implements 11 times more innovation and creates 6 times more value. So, trust is about giving, and psychological safety is about receiving the benefit of doubt. Trust is letting go of control and believing in the skills of your colleagues. In this workshop, you’ll learn what building blocks are required to create a high-trust environment.
Powered by: Semco Style Institute

Workshop 4 | Solving wicked problems with Semco Style
What is extreme stakeholder alignment? In this new economy, the only way to survive is to be on top of our game. Work can be done much more effectively when all levels of your organization are aligned on your overarching purpose. But how does that work? Find out how to solve such wicked problems during this interactive game.
Powered by: Semco Style Institute 


This event is for people-centric and purpose-driven entrepreneurs, directors, leaders, consultants, (interim-) managers, changemakers and coaches who are willing to create organizations that want to be able to adapt to change continuously and successfully.


The next international Make Work Splendid Event will be organized in collaboration with XING, IBC and Human Insight. It will take place on Thursday the 27th of June 2019 in Hamburg. Location: Design Offices | Domstraße 10, 20095, Hamburg.


The tickets for the event are priced at €149,- per person.


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