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Have you ever wondered whether your market (share) might be captured by the next Uber, Netflix or Coolblue? Developments seem to coming one after the other across a range of markets. This begs the question; is your company and/or department equipped to cope with the speed of these changes? How do you tackle sustainability and health issues? Isn’t it about time for a fresh approach to working methods and assessing performances? Well, the Semco Style Introduction Program has the answers to all of these questions.

Special offer: if you register for the Essentials or Master Program within 6 months after following the Introduction Program, the Introduction Program fee will be credited.

Eventbrite - Semco Style Introduction Program

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Semco is renowned throughout the world for its innovative business approach. This Brazilian company succeeded in achieving spectacular results through common sense, faith, responsibility, and all of this with highly contented employees. It had already introduced its approach successfully to a range of large and small organisations back in the 1990s. Books and documentaries explain the philosophy behind founder Ricardo Semler and Semco as an organisation, but not the route to it. For the first time, all the knowledge and experience of Semco is now available in a training course. In this case, our Introduction Program.

Semco Style is based on five principles. These principles put your organisation and your role in it into perspective. Ricardo Semler’s disruptive but ultimately people-oriented developed Semco Style offers you a context that helps you embrace the culture that facilitates innovation and performance. Without being dogmatic about it. The goal itself is not developing the Semco style, as you will only find the solution when you develop your own style!


The Introduction Program enables you to:

  • understand what’s needed to make your business and/or department more agile.
  • recognise the most significant developments that will force your market and organisation to change.
  • realise why a self-managing team achieves greater performance while involvement, efficiency and job satisfaction will grow, customer satisfaction will increase and absenteeism will fall.
  • know how better to connect with your clients.
  • develop a framework to facilitate a better innovatory climate within your organisation and/or department.
  • understand the steps needed to achieve more autonomy and self-management in your organisation and/or department.
  • realise that better financial results and a better work-life balance go hand-in-hand for you and your colleagues


Program highlights

The following topics are covered in the Semco Style introduction Program:

What’s the answer for the development of your market? Many companies and sectors are forced into rapid change due to disruptive, exponential developments that are generally driven by start-ups growing at a breath-taking pace. A technical change generally lies at the root. Those looking more closely will see that these disruptive newcomers have a very distinctive , inspiring and people-oriented culture that facilitates faster innovation. Sound (financial) performances and satisfied employees go hand-in-hand, rather than in exclusion of each other.

The future of work: The future of our working environment is changing, but are our organisations and leadership styles still suitable for a transparent, exponential environment where disruptive developments go hand-in-glove with sustainability?

Myths about self-managing teams unravelled: Are you perhaps of the opinion that self-managing teams result in chaos? Or that people setting their own salaries would plunder the company? Nothing could be further from the truth: a properly-arranged organisation with self-management at its core yields better performance, more satisfied customers, greater employee involvement, less absenteeism and better results.

The five principles of Semco Style: What would the introduction of the five Semco Style principles mean for you and your organisation and/or department? What should you take into account? What are the do’s and don’ts? The objective remains the same. That you develop along with your style and the principles will help you in this, ensuring you won’t stray from your path.

Semco and other ‘Teal’ trends: How does the Semco Style relate to other leading people-oriented organisational styles, like Lean, Scrum, Agile and Holacracy?

Creating your own style: You will tackle your own issues and lessons hands-on in the workshop using working practices like self-management and open space. The five principles are at the core, while you too will also gain experience in the afternoon’s self-managing form.

Practical information

Price: €495 excluding VAT. This amount will be credited if you decide to register for a Master or Essentials Program within 6 months after following the Introduction Program.
Dates: See event date tab
Program duration : 1 day
Program language: English or Dutch (September 8), depending on start date
Location: HNK Amsterdam Arena, Burgemeester Stramanweg 102-108, 1101 AA Amsterdam Zuid-Oost
Trainer: Arko van Brakel

Eventbrite - Semco Style Introduction Program

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