Cobudget is an easy way to bring  more innovation, engagement and collaboration into your organisation. By putting money in the middle, collaboration moves from words to action.

Why is this important?

Organizations are struggling with talent acquisition and retention, as well as lack of innovation. People are looking for meaning in their work and the organizations they work for. What if you could tap into your organizations collective intelligence to fund projects that will make a difference? Cobudget makes this possible by:

  • enabling employees to make decisions about where resources go
  • giving them the agency to start their own projects and fund those of others

Forget drawn out financial strategy and team building processes. Cobudget quickly catalyses trust and engagement.



Is your company ready for this?

To help you get started with your first steps in collaborative funding, Greaterthan provides collaborative finance workshops and consulting services. They will also facilitate your entire cobudget process for maximum fluidity.

Do you want to:

  • Foster true engagement and an innovation culture?
  • Draw from the collective wisdom of your organisation?
  • Empower your employees by including them in decisions around resource allocation?

Then fill out the form on this page and we will get back to you asap to discuss next steps.

About the software creators

Greaterthan is nurturing an open collaborative finance ecosystem. We support organisations to distribute financial decision making. We come from a rich tradition of cooperative entrepreneurship, self-governing teams, and open source software. We have developed Cobudget in partnership with the Enspiral network.

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