All Work And No Play Makes Anyone A Dull Employee

In the corporate rat race, it’s important for people to take a breath, pause and celebrate the good things in life. Besides creating a fun, positive environment at work, it also makes employees feel like they are there not just to work, but to interact and build meaningful relationships as well.

People are responsible and fun at home and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be the same way at work. Keeping it too formal and engaging only in official activities often dampens the positive attitude in the workspace.

There’s Always Something To Celebrate

People need their space to breathe and be themselves so that they can push past all the stress and achieve work demands. They also need to feel like they are appreciated and that the company is also a place to have fun.

Keeping celebrations within working hours, ensuring everyone is involved in the process and celebrating small achievements at work are other ways to celebrate in the office. It’s an important and poignant exercise that not just brings people together but also increases their sense of belonging and ownership towards the company.

Team Building In Disguise

At Semco, they once organized a singing competition for men and women at the close of the second quarter. They decided to team up the men versus the women and the whole gender equation spiced up the event quite a bit. In this particular event, since there were more men than women in the office, one man dressed up as a woman and became part of the women’s team. The moment was a great example of reduced power distance because the man who dressed up as a woman was actually the company’s finance controller!

He made the whole contest even more fun by trying to sabotage the women’s team - something that revealed a fun side of him to the rest of the employees. Overall, the whole event was a great success because people were interacting with each other and doing whatever they could do to defeat the opponents.

Coming Together Is Simple, Yet Powerful

Organizations often try too hard to make employees feel appreciated and end up ignoring the simple ways in which they can show appreciation. They can make a huge impact on employee morale by cashing-in on simple, everyday situations that call for a little celebration.

To do this, organizations can start with small celebrations: Remembering birthdays, picking out major festivals and arranging themed lunches, or holding thematic contests and so on.

Arranging these events helps people work together in order to bring their ideas alive, making festivals and birthdays a creative, fun affair.

It makes people feel like the company cares for more than just their work and that the management is invested in creating a positive environment at work. Besides allowing people to pause and decompress, these little celebrations foster greater collaboration between coworkers. It strengthens bonds, builds trust and helps people view their coworkers in a more holistic way.

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