Rush Hour Traffic Can Be More Than Just A Drain Of Time

Employees are naturally ambitious - most strive to learn as much as they can on the job. And, of late, many have begun looking for opportunities to learn outside the work environment in order to cinch that promotion or to increase their potential for growth.

When that’s the case, it’s time for companies to ask themselves if they’re doing everything they can to help their employees learn. And, if there’s anything they can offer in-house to support the learning goals of their employees.

Of course, it’s not always possible for companies to send employees away for seasonal training sessions. Or, to cull out time during regular work hours to devote to learning. After all, managers are under great pressure to generate results. There are annual quotas, quarterly goals and an ever-increasing competition from the market that they need to factor into everything they plan and do. So, what is the alternative?

How To Maximize Time And Learn

In the recent past, it’s become quite clear that traditional training methods won’t hold water anymore - they simply aren’t effective in today’s dynamic corporate environment. So, it’s become a requisite for companies to be innovative about how they ensure their employees get the hands-on learning they need. One way to do this is to figure out how employees can maximize the time they spend travelling to and from work.

In most metropolitan cities, people spend significant amounts of their time being stuck in rush hour traffic. They might have left work at five or six in the evening, but many don’t reach home until a couple of hours later. When you put it in perspective, that’s a lot of time people lose everyday simply inching their way home.

But, most people and the companies they work for seem to think there’s no way around it - that they just need to resign themselves to being stuck in traffic. But, there is something they could do about it - companies can, in fact, help employees productively spend those couple of hours with a little planning.

Rush Hour: A Time To Learn, Bond And Grow

It’s a known fact that many employees want to learn and often don’t have the time or the capacity to juggle a family, their full-time job and education. To make sure this need to learn does not die out, companies can offer educative sessions during rush hour to help employees continue their learning and not waste too much time on the road.

Another way companies can help employees learn is to make it a shared responsibility. When a business forms an ecosystem where employees can learn skills from one another, the idea of learning takes on a whole new meaning.

Allowing people who’ve had years of experience in a certain field to impart their knowledge to coworkers ensures their valuable experience isn’t lost with them. Besides, when coworkers learn from each other, through simple lectures and conversations, it fosters better employee relations and a deeper sense of belonging.

There’s no denying that such learning will benefit employees, boost their skills and help them develop themselves - both professionally and personally. It’s an important way in which organizations can increase job satisfaction and reduce the rate of employee turnover. It also means that the overall performance of the company will eventually grow, making it a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

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