Semco Style Doesn't Leave You Like a Squeezed Lemon

Our partners at 4D Lean made a visual aid that provides insight about your personal or company maturity. According to this model there are several steps for finding happiness, balance and success in life. It begins with finding your goal and then​ choosing the right work environment from the types below​.   


What Is 4D Lean?

4D Lean is a visual model, a language and a philosophy. This 4D Lean model is based on 20 years of experience. It is not a theoretical model, but one based on facts and figures, that show​ happiness leads to better results and better results​, in turn, lead​ to happiness!

The X-axis shows the HOW, the 5 dimensions. It is a timeline and a visualization of maturity.

The Y-axis shows the WHAT with indicators such ​as results, drive, mental health, profit, involvement, attitude, safety, sales, satisfaction, connection, innovation, consciousness, presenteeism, balance, happiness, … wholeness.

0D: Status Quo 

Although the world is constantly changing nothing moves around you. It’s time to act.

Example: Church, army, ministry, education, a lot of SME's, ...

1D: Control

Top down control and pressure for results leave you feeling​ like a squeezed lemon. You’ll end up burned out.

Example: > 90% of stock companies are ​mainly interested in quarterly results.

2D: Engagement

Engagement grows in a culture of trust, improvement and respect. Long-​term thinking and win-wins are key.

The reference: Toyota!

3D: Passion

Now you can focus on your pasion and follow new trends. The Harada method makes you self-reliant and capable of reaching​ your dreams -​ an essential ingredient for happiness.

Example: Mirai (Japan), Tesla, Google, Red Monkey company,Toyota Connected, 2D companies in transition to 4D, ...

4D: Balance

​Striving for a clear mission and a better world, personal time, consciousness and balance are the new gold.

Example: Buurtzorg (NL), Morning Star, Zappos, 4Ocean, ...

Semco Style As a Bridge to 4D

According to this model​,​ Semco Style can be used as a bridge from 2D to 4D. 

As 2D is still based on the classic hierarchic (pyramid) structure, employees are still limited in their responsibility and decision-​making. In 3D, leadership is taken to the next level. Connection by heart and an environment and roles based on passion are key. Continuous innovation is the drive of 3D teams. Team members create and expect a​n​ exciting culture. Self-reliant individuals are the base to get to a team driven to achieve its maximum potential. The Harada method can help you here.

But how do you create a team with these self-reliant individuals? Semco Style has the answer! The 5 fundamentals of Semco Style​ are: trust, alternative control, self-management, extreme stakeholder alignment and creative innovation. 

Trust is already in 2D, but rather in a rational way. In 3D, we aim for connection by heart, ​that takes it to the next level in an emotional way. Semco Style promotes self-reliant teams, working in groups, swarming, helping each other in the most Lean way possible ​with minimal need for reporting. As control limits employees in their freedom, alternative systems are used to create the teams’ framework (e.g. peer control, scrum boards, etc). Less rules will result in even more creativity, and 'out of’ or even 'without-​the-​box thinking’. 

This requires a new role for leaders:

Being humble with a servant-leadership mindset​, indicating direction for the team and developing them to their maximum capabilities based on their passion and talents. 

Quality is a top requirement for 2D. In 3D we aim for extreme stakeholder alignment. Agility is a must in this changing world. In 3D, Semco Style helps to exceed stakeholder (incl. customers) expectations. 

In 4D, balance, higher consciousness, personal well-being, a better world and happiness are the rewards.

Semco Style helps your company cross over the bridge from ‘old school’ 2D to complete happiness. It is a practical approach to create the best possible work environment and make work awesome. As happy employees perform better, Semco Style is simply the best way to help you create everything you need to achieve this kind of environment and leave competition far behind.

What are you waiting for? Let us know where you are on the 4D Lean scale and we will help your company become 4D!

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