Semco Style Institute is moving

We are thrilled to have found a new home in the Keynes building at Hogehilweg 8 in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost. At this moment, our office is being prepared for our arrival; we will move there on November 1st.

Several companies share the building, which has a restaurant on the ground floor that is run by Terry and Geraldine. When you're visiting us, we'll be able to offer you great coffee and a very nice lunch. We were sold on the venue when Geraldine remembered how we take our coffee after just one visit... When we found out the space we were interested in could be refurbished to our needs, it was even more obvious that we were welcome her. We won't move until about a week or two, but we already feel at home here!

Starting november 1st, our new address is:

Semco Style Institute
Hogehilweg 8
1101 CC Amsterdam Zuid-Oost

Farouk el Kodady signs the rental agreement

From left to right: Luuk Willems, Annemieke van Herk, José Deckers, Arko van Brakel, Farouk el Kodady, Nora Chouli of Merin (the rental agency) and Koen de Boer. Hyke Zoon celebrated our new office from India and Ian Borges from Brazil!

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