Grow as a leader with LeadWise Academy

We’re excited to share with you a course from our sister company LeadWise.

LeadWise is an online hub for leaders to get practical tools and education to lead in a more human way. They’ve partnered with pioneering entrepreneurial collective Enspiral to bring you a new learning experience, the LeadWise Academy Practical Self-Management Intensive.

The Intensive is a 5-week online immersive, where you’ll join like-minded leaders from all over the world on a journey to transform how you lead through the practices and tools of self-management.

What is self-management?

Self-management is a never-ending process of learning - about the potential of an organization, our own capacity and confidence to step into new roles and collaboration and trust.

Self-management puts employees first, prioritizing their happiness and making them feel valued and a part of the decision-making process.

What will I learn?

The Intensive is led by Enspiral’s Susan Basterfield, an experienced leader with over 25 years of experience in senior leadership positions in big multi-national corporations and startups.

By joining LeadWise Academy, you’ll develop new leadership skills to transform traditional work structures into more human-centered, agile, adaptive and responsive cultures.

At LeadWise Academy, you will:

  • Learn about and practice management tools not taught in business school
  • Actively apply your learnings
  • Develop your confidence to lead others in new ways
  • Become a part of a global community of human-centered leaders of the future

Through an immersive experience - this means putting learnings into action immediately, and learning from coaches and peers from all over the world - you’ll challenge your assumptions of what is possible in terms of work culture.

This isn’t just a dip into theory -- you’ll spend time quickly putting your learnings into practice.

Take it from our participants:

“Immersive means that we’re actively applying these concepts as we’re learning them, which is different than most types of learning - you don’t sit here and listen to an expert talk about how this should be done or what good looks like. Instead, we hear about something and we immediately roll up our sleeves and see how it actually works.” - Jane Watson, Canada

“I want to learn new practices and new ways of working that, from the theory I´ve read, sound like the way to go to me. I believe the most effective way to learn is to learn by experience and this course offers that together with great time flexibility.” - Unai Gaztelu, Spain

online course participants

Is LeadWise Academy for me?

LeadWise Academy is for you if you’re a startup founder creating a culture, or a team leader looking for change how it interacts.

If you’re a leader ready to shake up your management style and your organization’s culture, you’ll benefit from this course.

Perhaps you work in tech, retail, finance, education, manufacturing or another industry.

You might have 5 years of experience or 50 - regardless, you’ll transform your leadership style through self-management and become the leader the future needs you to be.


LeadWise Academy’s Practical Self-Management Intensive’s next cohort runs July 10-August 11. Fees are USD 2,000 and an installment payments are available. Click here to apply.

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