One of the most appealing but also one of the most controversial practices Ricardo Semler introduced to Semco, was the decision to let employees set their own salaries. Semco Style Institute uses AppRaise from HE:labs to help organizations move from an HR-dicated approach to salary setting to a more democratic approach.

AppRaise allows team members to rate their peers with a single, simple value appraisal and uses an elegant algorithm to produce the fairest possible salaries.

It's never been harder to assess individual contribution

How much is each team member’s contribution worth in a diverse, multidisciplinary, collaborating team? The team knows. Use the team’s collective wisdom to guide your salary setting decisions.

Simple and straightforward

Forget constant salary negotiations.
Forget complicated rating tables and formulas.
Forget stressful discussions to set peoples salaries.
Empower team members to rate each other with a single straightforward value appraisal using drag-and-drop.

"Is my company ready for this?"

Managers can use AppRaises salary results simply as information to guide the salary setting decisions they are already making today. Autonomous teams can use the results to share company profits directly. Teams can start out using AppRaise with anonymous appraisals and gradually evolve to a fully transparent process.

AppRaise offers a step-by-step guide to:

  • Establish trust as the foundation for setting fair compensation
  • Tap into your teams collective wisdom
  • Set salaries that are not only fair but perceived as being fair

About HE:labs

HE:labs is a digital products company with over 400 successful web and mobile projects delivered in several countries.
We have developed AppRaise over the years to use peer-set salaries for our entire team, from the CEO to 40+ creative workers.

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