It's being said that every revolutionary idea passes through three stages: at first, it's ridiculous, then people find it dangerous, and in the end, it's like it's never been different. That is certainly true for democratic management, an organizational philosophy that shares some characteristics with holacracy and reinventing organizations.

Although there are more and more examples of companies that report lower absenteeism, a higher employee satisfaction and better results after introducing self-management, a lot of misunderstanding and skepticism surround the topic. 

Ricardo Semler, the pioneer who almost 30 years ago, successfully introduced a radical form of democratic management in his company Semco, is ideally positioned to debunk the most common misconceptions about his 'Semco Style' of organization.

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Meet us in person at the Sime event in Stockholm

Arko van Brakel, one of the founders of the Semco Style Institute, is a speaker at the Sime Summer event, organized at Epicenter in Stockholm on May 30th and 31st. Apart from speaking, he is using his visit to research the opportunity to open up Semco Style Insitute in Sweden. As such, he is very interested in meeting potential partners and customers, organizational change makers and anyone with a strong opinion on whether this is or isn't a good idea. Would you like to chat with him? Check the box on the form and we'll be in touch with you to set something up immediately.

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